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Friday, May 17, 2013


Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling when you walk into the store to buy mascara? Let me walk you few my recent mascara purchases and tell you the pros and cons of each purchase.

First would be the Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara. This is an amazing product which I will be repurchasing. I love this mascara because it does not clump your eyelashes and gives them a great boost! 

The Illegal Length Mascara was amazing and truly made your eyelashes longer! But it did have a downfall. The package (as you can tell from the picture) soon was coming off on my hands which was not good! 

The next is a mascara from Maybelline New York is the One by One Volume Express Waterproof Mascara. This is perfect with the warm weather! I will be rocking this mascara in just a few days for MDW!

Next is the ULTA BountiFULL Lashes; lash fortifying mascara. I was not a huge fan of this mascara. I found that the formula always made my lashes clumpy :( 

Well that is all on my comparison on buying mascara! Hope you enjoyed and as always see you tomorrow!


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